Strategic Plan

Strategic Directions 2016-2019


“Enriching lives through solutions for independence”


“The relevance of our products and services delights our customers and ensures our sustainability and growth”

Our key strategies

1. Customer Experience

1.1 Know our customers
1.2 Understand our processes
1.3 Listen to our customers

We will deliver an exceptional customer experience by putting the customer first in everything we do.

2. Product Portfolio

2.1 Understand the needs of our customers
2.2 Have the right products and services
2.3 Know what is, and what is coming

We will develop and deliver a portfolio of products and services that best meets the needs of our customers in enriching their lives.

3. Brand Positioning

3.1 Determine the brand
3.2 Connect with the Community
3.3 Sell the story

We will build our brand and reputation so that people can confidently make us their first choice.

4. Organisational Capability

4.1 Better Business systems
4.2 Right Leadership
4.3 Fast to Market

We will have the right people, skills, systems and culture to deliver our strategy.

5. Financial Sustainability

5.1 Informed cost / pricing decisions
5.2 Know our competitors
5.3 Diversified Revenue Streams
5.4 Growing our future

We will prudently manage our financial position by applying the cost and value of our products and services to our decisions.

6. Strategic Partnerships

6.1 Partnering for success

We must develop strategic partnerships to leverage knowledge, skills, resources and opportunities required to enhance our customers’ experiences

Strategic Plan

Technology Assisting Disability WA Strategic Directions 2016-2019

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