One touch leads to practical solution

Our technicians talk to many clients to explore simple but practical ways of maintaining their independence.

A client recently approached TADWA to see if we could support her mum who has dementia. Her mum loves to listen to audio books but had difficulty using a standard CD player.

A One Touch CD Player was the answer. A CD Player is stored in a custom designed case and when secured the device can be turned on and off with the simple touch of a button. A dial is also available to adjust the volume.

TADWA One Touch CD Player
One button and a volume dial makes listening to audio books simple.
TADWA One Touch CD Player
Secured with a custom designed case, the CD player can be set up so that it is easy to use.

The device is simple to use and can be set up and activated at any time meaning she can maintain her independence.

For more simple solutions, visit Assistive Technology, Smart Assistive Technology or talk to one of our clever technicians on 9379 7400.