Pat’s Story

“Why do you have a disability, people would look at him and wonder,” says Pat’s wife Linda. Before settling in WA with his wife, Pat was in the United States Navy. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and only in his early 50s many people often could not see the situation Pat was facing. “Just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t be disabled” says Linda.

Pat's Story
Pat enjoys his independence even after his diagnosis

During the last year, Pat has been hospitalised on several occasions and he required therapy on a regular basis. In order for him to be able to leave the hospital and return home, he would require his bathroom and home to be modified. TADWA was recommended to Pat and Linda by a friend who knew the services TADWA provided were what Pat needed.

Pat likes to be independent and it was important for him to be able to manoeuvre himself in his wheelchair on his own and in his bathroom. TADWA was able to assess his bathroom access needs and provide him with the independence to move freely by himself from his bed to the bathroom. Pat and Linda are both thankful that he does not have to go into residential care.

“This has made it all simpler for the both of us,” says Pat. Before, Pat’s bathroom was not very accessible for him but with the new modifications Pat has been able to return home. “It has made an amazing difference to my everyday life, with the ramps and bathrooms installed. It has enabled me to come home”.

Pat's new bathroom
Pat’s bathroom has been modified to allow him to stay at home