TADWA Connect Spring 2017 Newsletter


Aged care has received a great deal of media attention recently – nearly 90,000 people have been unable to access the care they need through Commonwealth Home Care Packages. Reportedly, 35,000 people in the National Queue are making do on a lower level package than assessed and 53,000 people are awaiting a package at all.

The government continues to release more aged care packages to make them available and the aged care sector is calling on the government to change the mix of packages and increase the number of higher level packages to consumers. In an aged care system built on choice and control, it’s important for consumers to understand what is available and what will provide them good value for their money, whether they are using subsidised funds, or their own.

TADWA’s mission is to give older Australians and those with disabilities more choice when it comes to those decisions. Technology is playing an increasingly important role in that, with home automation, remote monitoring (including fall detection), safety and convenience aids and simple-to-use communications devices. TADWA is at the forefront of technological innovation in these areas.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of our latest projects and products, and encourage you to ‘Talk to TADWA’ if you have clients who could benefit from assistive technologies, home modifications or customised equipment.

Remembering Violet Davis

Violet Davis memoriam
Violet Davis

Earlier this year, 95-year-old great grandmother Violet Davis left the earth. Aside from the considerable family she left behind, including 4 sons, 9 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, she also left behind a special legacy in the role she played in TADWA’s success.

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Young Impact100 donations provides for bike

Young client Adrien Hall trialling his new Freedom Wheels bike
Alan Hill, TADWA Technician, with young client Adrien Hall and his dad Matt trialling the new bike.

Meet Adrien. He is a 4 year old boy who has a neurological condition which affects his muscle tone and movements. He has been unable to ride a typical bike due to his difficulty coordinating his movements.

Through the donations of Young Impact100, a customised bike was designed to provide appropriate postural supports.The customised bike also has attendant control allowing his parents to assist in steering, braking and propelling the bike but giving Adrien a sense of riding the bike.

Thanks to grants like this, Adrien now has the opportunity to ride his bike allowing him to engage in a typical activity with his family and peers.

TADWA latest projects

Modified Walker

Modified Walker for clientThis walker is now much better suited to the needs of the client.

The arm rest has been lowered and is now fully adjustable, a push bar has been added to allow for a carer to assist and a curved cross bar has been constructed to strengthen the front legs for a removable foot rest.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bike for clientThis is not your standard mountain bike – this is a motorised one!

The bike was designed for a 20 year old young man with Tourette’s Syndrome who lives isolated on a farm. When exercising, he has lactic acid build-up which causes spasms.

He needed a bike that would give him a rush of adrenaline to help him use a different part of his brain and allow him to exercise.

Our South West team together with the client’s Physio came up with the idea of this motorised mountain bike that will help the client to get out and about visiting his friends, and get some exercise!

Not your Average Lawn Mower

Circuit board for lawn mowerYou wouldn’t normally begin a lawn mower modification by designing a custom circuit-board, but that’s exactly what our Mechatronics unit has done in order to convert a ride-on mower to joystick control.

The project is for a quadriplegic client who owns a large property just outside of Perth and who wanted the independence to be able to mow his own lawn.  We’ll bring details of the finished product in the next newsletter.




New Business Development Manager joins TADWA

New Business Development Manager joins TADWAThe TADWA team received a major boost last month with Melissa Young joining us as Business Development Manager.

Melissa is a leading figure in WA’s aged care sector. Melissa has a BA in Behavioural Science and post graduate study in Gerontology. She has been a member of TEC (The Executive Connection), Director on the Board of Aged and Community Services, Western Australia (ACSWA), Chair of the Community Care Committee (ACSWA) and has worked in the not for profit sector both in the US and Australia.

Melissa is excited about TADWA’s future – excited enough to want to be part of the team!


TADWA recent events

Occupational Therapy Conference  NDS Conference

Care and Ageing Expo  Abilities Expo

TADWA has had a busy few months attending some of the large and important events in the areas of aged care and disability.

We attended the 37th National Occupational Therapy Australia Conference held on 19-21 July 2017 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event saw nearly 1000 Occupational Therapists from all over Australia attend the conference over 3 days. We showcased our CarePort, Virtual Reality and other assistive technology equipment to Occupational Therapists. Members of the public also had the opportunity to attend on the last day to visit exhibitors.

The Care and Ageing Expo was a great event to showcase many of the products and service providers available to seniors in WA.

We attended the NDS Conference and it was a great networking opportunity to meet with others working in the disability and aged care sector.

The Abilities Expo, held at the Crown Grand Ballroom on 19th September, focused on people with disabilities and their families and carers.  The Virtual Reality experience was a huge hit with the young attendees wanting try this exciting technology!

Upcoming events

Seniors and Carers Expo
6 October 2017
10 am – 2 pm
Mike Barnett Sports Complex, Goddard Street, Rockingham

The annual Seniors and Carers Expo offers seniors and carers an opportunity to find out about the organisations and businesses offering services to them. It will be the biggest expo yet, with 146 stalls on offer.

For more information, visit City of Rockingham Seniors and Carers Expo.

Occupational Therapy Week Breakfast
23 October 2017
7 am – 9 am
The Independent Living Centre, Nedlands

Community breakfast to launch OT week and demonstrate how to ‘Reach your pOTential’ through Occupational Therapy.

At the Independent Living Centre (ILC), Nedlands, on Monday 23rd October; this breakfast event will showcase to community members of all abilities the role of occupational therapy within the field of assistive technology and virtual reality.

A collaboration with TADWA will showcase new innovations in virtual reality use for the disability sector. Excitingly it provides an opportunity for consumers attending the event to engage and experience a virtual reality first hand.

For more information, visit OT week in WA 2017.

South West Seniors Expo
29 October 2017
South West Sports Centre, Bunbury

Every year there are changes in what is on offer for seniors and the eligibility requirements for accessing services.  The South West Seniors’ Expo brings together exhibitors and seniors and their families to help them keep up to date with these changes.  It is the only event of this kind for seniors in the South West.

Freedom Wheels Grants Available

Freedom Wheels

Do you know someone with a disability who would love a bike but cannot afford one? Thanks to generous donations to the Freedom Wheels program, there may be funding available to cover all or part of the costs for a customised bike.

Talk to TADWA on 1300 663 243 today.

Home modifications help your home age with you

Have you ever thought about how your physical environment might make a difference in helping you stay at home longer? Modifications to your home can make a difference in keeping your independence and delay the need for a direct support person to provide assistance. Modifications are a cost effective strategy for helping you stay at home. As an example, to reduce a hob in a shower, fit hand held shower equipment and install a grab rail might cost around $1115.00, but you may not need someone to help you in and out of your shower.  The cost of the modification would be recovered in about eleven weeks (based on a support person providing two hours of support a week at an average of $55 per hour). Something to consider when you think about how your home can age with you.

To find out more about home modifications, Talk to TADWA. We’ll be happy to discuss your individual needs.

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