Occupational therapy

Our Occupational Therapists are specialised in improving your independence and safety within your home, workplace, assisted accommodation or aged care facility.

We focus on supporting your ability and enabling you to do as much as possible for yourself. This approach maximises your independence, wellbeing and safety.

“I would like to express my gratitude for your companies assistance over the years. Your help has greatly improved my independence and living standards, for myself and my late husband. May your company continue for years to come and go from strength to strength.”


Areas we can help

We will work with you to plan and set goals to support your safety and function in your home environment.  With a focus on home modifications, assistive technology and equipment, we can make assessments and recommendations in the areas of:

  • Daily living activities of showering, dressing and other household tasks;
  • Mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and other devices;
  • Home modifications for home access, bathroom and kitchen including ramps, rails accessible showers, tap fittings;
  • Play, recreation and leisure activities;
  • Advice and information for Smart Home technology;
  • Advice and support for carers with Peace of Mind technology; and
  • Work environments requiring modification and adaptation.

The assessment process

Before we make any recommendations, one of our Occupational Therapists will assess you and your carer’s functional ability and your home environment to ensure our recommendations will improve your safety and independence. Our approach is to look holistically at your circumstances and advise you of the any services available to you.

The Occupational Therapist will consult and collaborate with our technicians to complete a technical assessment to determine the most suitable solution for you.

Occupational Therapist working with technician
Our Occupational Therapists will make assessments and work with our technicians to ensure the products are designed to suit your individual needs.

Providing advice & education

We can provide advice and demonstrate how activities can be completed easily and safely to give you greater independence. The information we can offer you can range from but not limited to falls prevention education, building accessible housing, to resources, products, and services that are available in the community.


Our Occupational Therapists can provide you training in the specific use of prescribed equipment. This ensures that you can use the equipment effectively and safely in its intended purpose.  This may occur at the time of assessment or at the review appointment. In addition, we can arrange for trial or loan of equipment to give you experience using equipment with confidence.


Our review process is important to ensure that your independence has been improved as a result of the service. Our Occupational Therapists will conduct a review assessment to discuss with you the outcome of the services provided and whether your goals have been achieved.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the assessment?

During the assessments, our Occupational Therapists will talk to you about your goals and what you want to achieve. They may ask you to demonstrate your daily tasks and routines so they can assess your function and environment. They may also look at the main areas of your home such as the bathroom, toilet, bedroom, and front and rear entrances.

Do I have to be present during the assessment?

Yes, we want to ensure that our recommendations are specific and designed for your individual needs. This means that not only do we need to have a look at your home but also assess how you complete daily tasks in your home or workplace.

Further Information

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