Helen Morton MLC, Minister for Disability Services

Letter received from Helen Morton

“I was delighted to read that TADWA was a winner at the 2014 National Disability Awards.

It is a well-deserved recognition of the work done by the great TADWA team; but to be honest, I was not all that surprised that you won.

I saw your Board Chair, Priya Cooper, at the International Day of People with Disability Breakfast yesterday and she was certainly beaming with pride on behalf of TADWA.

Congratulations to you all on such a magnificent achievement!”

Mark McGowan MLA, Leader of the Opposition

Letter received from Mark McGowan

“Thank you very much for your email of 1 December 2014 informing me of your recent win at the 2014 National Disability Awards in the category “Improving Personal and Community Support Award”.

It is truly inspiring that your organisation here in Western Australia is leading the way in “making an outstanding contribution in providing and/or improving personal and community support that enables people with disability to live independently and actively engage in their communities”.

I know that Dave Kelly, Stephen Dawson and I were very impressed with the work undertaken by your organisation when we visited in February this year.

I wish you all the best for the coming year, and again congratulate you on your win.”

Ken Wyatt MP, Member for Hasluck

Letter received from Ken Wyatt

“Congratulations on the recognition of your achievements by winning the Improving Personal and Community Support Award at the 2014 National Disability Awards. This is a great honour and I have no doubt it is well deserved.

TADWA has positively impacted individuals, families and communities. Your various tailored services have no doubt changed the course of many within our community. You and your staff constantly inspire and motivate communities and have taught us the importance in constantly seeking to challenge ourselves for the benefit of our nation’s future.

Congratulations again on this recognition of your outstanding work and I urge you to continue to inspire others to be agents of change for themselves and society. I look forward to hearing more of your successes.”

Dean Smith, Liberal Senator for Western Australia

Letter received from Dean Smith

“I write to offer my warmest congratulations to you and your team at TADWA for being announced the winner of the Improving Personal and Community Support Award at the 2014 National Disability Awards.

This is a great accomplishment and highlights the proven commitment and service you have provided to the disability community.

I greatly appreciate your tireless work to improving the lives and supporting people with a disability. So they can enjoy a more active life.

I look forward to hearing about the important work currently being undertaken by TADWA.

Again, congratulations on this wonderful achievement and recognition of your hard work and dedication, well done!”