Video stories

Julie’s Story

“First of all you need to know that I’m 108cm tall, have had both hips replaced, both shoulders replaced, and both knees need to be replaced and I suffer from chronic pain.” – Julie

It’s not easy having a condition which limits what you can do but it’s important to know that there is support available and products that can make life easier. Julie tells her story and what has helped her to maintain her independence in this video.


James’ Story

When Shirley first took her grandson James into her care, he rarely interacted with anyone, instead choosing to sit and rock back and forth which is common behaviour for children with autism. His school thought he was completely non-verbal but thanks to her love and attention, he is now more active and can communicate. Shirley found that the rocking motion was beneficial in helping to calm and ease him and decided that a swing would be perfect for him. James thinks so too.


Cayle’s Story

Family trips to the park are now more rewarding for Cayle and his family since he got his Freedom Wheels bike. His mum has seen the impact getting outdoors has made to Cayle who used to spend most of his time watching TV inside. She never imagined Cayle would enjoy these trips as much as he does now riding alongside his brother.

Greg’s Story

“Greg will try anything once – he was born only weighing about ‘one pound of butter’ … and his parents were told that he would probably not live past three years old because of his disability … well he’s just turned 72 and he’s fighting fit!” – Nyree, one of Greg’s support workers

Greg had a pleasant day out venturing into the water on the Beach Trekker which is a wheelchair designed to travel on soft sand and into the water. Watch Greg’s day out in this video.